Alpha 1-3
  • Initial Builds(Engine Work)
Alpha 4
  • Task system to allow the dwarfs to mine and build tiles in survival mode
  • New animations for the new task system
Alpha 5
  • Task system now include buildings and consumables, all together with new animations.
  • Inventory managment now has "stacks" for your items.
  • Added 2 extra dwarfs onto the game so players can test that out.
Alpha 5.01


  • -Dwarfs that mined a block would put the wrong type of block into the inventory.
Alpha 6
  • Dwarfs now build in every direction arround themselves
  • New building added:

- Beds

  • Dwarfs now require sleep, added new animations for getting into bed and sleeping.
Alpha 7
Spawn in survival mode.

Can be cut down by the dwarfs.

They drop wooden planks that will be soon used in crafting.
  • New Item:

-Wooden Planks.

  • There are now only 2 dwarfs, one miner and one woodsman. This was to test the job system.
  • There are now to different colored dwarfs. More are soon to follow!
  • Creative mode has some chickens and trees. This is just a test area for them.


  • Dwarfs will less often create invisible, invincible blocks.
Alpha 7.01


  • Fixed an issue with the black haired freezing when moving left.
Alpha 8
  • An Installer was added for SoR.
  • OpenAL support was added.
  • Some placeholder sound effects were added.
  • Crafting table was added.
  • Wooden Planks item was added.
  • Fixed the freezing issue with dwarfs sleeping.

Alpha 8.01

  • Inventory bug was fixed
Alpha 9
  • combat system was added.
  • Combat animations for dwarf were added.
  • Support for .OGG files added.
  • Chickens now spawn in survival mode.
  • Right-clicking chickens will have them get hunted by a "hunter" dwarf.
Alpha 9.01
  • Red haired dwarf added
  • Chicken falling animation was added
  • New icons for lumber and planks were added



  • Changed Converted the engine to OpenGL from awt/Swing.
  • Changed Controls for moving arround the map changed to WASD from the arrow keys.
  • Changed Chickens now also drop feathers.
  • Changed Starting items in survival mode. You now only recieve 5 ladders, 5 water tiles, and 3 pieces of meat.
  • Fixed The Tree sprite is now properly sized for the highlight sprite
  • Fixed The consumable icons are now properly represented.
  • Added New mob:


  • Added New terrain generation code for flat areas.
  • Added Sound effects for chickens.
  • Added Title screen music.
  • Added New effect: falling feathers
  • Added New item:


  • Added New crafting recipes for sticks, ladders, and beds.
  • Added “Goodies” including exclusive artwork; Trex4Lunch, FAQ & Field Guide To Surviving Ragnarok, and Design Docs: Jobs and Stats, Multiple Selection, Old Design Docs, and Stats & Stuff. *Pre-Order Only