In Survivors mode the player starts out on a randomly generated play area with three dwarves, one with a black beard, one with a red beard, and one with a white beard. There appears to be no preferences on each one as to what jobs they do(needs checking). The player can command the dwarves to dig ground by right clicking on a ground tile which will then be highlighted in red until the nearest dwarf can path to it and break it apart with his fist. to place an object tile the tile must be in the bar at teh bottom of the screen, selected, and then left click to place the tile in an unoccupied square which will be highlighted in green until a dwarf has place the tile. in the top left corner of the screeb there is a dark gray square button that looks like a pause sign, pressing it will pause the game and let you give out orders without distraction until you press it again to unpause the game.